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Ireland's Largest Family Records Database

Over 20 million records online

This website contains a unique set of Irish family history records including Birth, Death, Marriage and Gravestone records the majority of which are only available online on this website and cannot be found online elsewhere.

This website was created by the Irish Family History Foundation (I.F.H.F.), an all Ireland not-for-profit organization, that is co-ordinating the creation of a database of Irish genealogical sources to assist those who wish to trace their Irish ancestry.

Its county genealogy centre members are based in local communities and work with local volunteers, historical societies, clergy, local authorities, county libraries and government agencies to develop and preserve a database of genealogical records for their county.  By using this website you are supporting that work and the communities from which your ancestors originated.

This website provides access to an index of Irish records and digitised versions of the original source material; it does not contain images of original documents.

Records Available

List of databases

Baptismal/Birth Records 9,148,104
Marriage Records 4,494,057
Burial/Death Records 1,675,320
Census Records 2,812,787
Gravestone Inscriptions 288,807
Griffith's Valuation 1,140,619
Passenger Lists 227,589
Census Substitutes 514,281

Over 20 Million Irish records

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The Irish Family History Foundation has been the coordinating body for a network of county genealogy centres on the island of Ireland for over twenty five years. The genealogy centresí databases include  parish church records of baptisms, marriages and deaths, census returns and gravestone inscriptions. Millions of these records are searchable online, providing a unique resource for family historians not available on any other website. New records will be added as the computerization of sources continues in the local genealogy centres.

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